Iterate as fast as possible

The more iterations cycles I can go through the faster I will arrive at a great result. (Incremental correctness) It also helps with Always be shipping, if you have lots of iterations you have lots to ship. Iteration cycle speed is a force multiplier, and keeping it as fast as possible is crucial. (Invest in force multipliers)

Some ways I improve my iteration speed are Invest in force multipliers, Keep it simple, stupid and Be as cross-functional as necessary.

For example at the micro level, I make sure my build setups are fast enough that I never have to wait to see changes in development. For example at the macro level, I try to give my users a quick and easy way to submit feedback and for me to see it.

Hunch: Anecdotally, I think the 80/20 rule applies to iteration speed bottlenecks. There seems to be bottlenecks which will speed up iteration cycles 80% without a lot of work, the hard part is figuring out where they are.

“Speed of developer iteration is the single most important factor in how quickly a technology company can move." — Paul Biggar, founder of Darklang and CircleCI