Measure output, not outcomes

I have always measured myself based on outcomes (e.g. being featured in Forbes), not my output. As @chantastic points out, I am probably hurting myself by doing that: I have zero influence over eventual outcomes, but I can control my output.

I should celebrate myself whenever I am as productive and creative as I want to be, not when some random outcome occurs. That would help me Stay motivated with recurring small dopamine hits as long as I Iterate as fast as possible and Always be shipping.

For example, at the moment I want to improve my endurance, so I added a 5km run to My morning routine. I do not measure myself based on outcomes (e.g. I can run 5km in 30 mins), I measure myself based on whether I run every single day. Whatever endurance improvements come from that are incidental.

Of course, I do eventually want to get somewhere, so I have direct my outputs to where they could help me achieve the outcomes I want. I don’t know how I can ensure that is the case, however so far it’s worked out fine.