About these notes

Hi, I’m Max! 👋

These are my Evergreen notes, which I Write to think. They are written for myself and they contain my opinions and principles. I am sharing these publicly because I strongly believe in Work in public.

Just do me one tiny favour while reading them: if anything here triggers interesting thoughts in your mind (whether you agree, disagree or take it further) send me an email or a direct message on Twitter and let’s talk!

These notes are “Choose your own adventure”: there is no index of all of them anywhere. Click on whatever links strike your fancy and see where they lead you!

At the moment, I’m thinking a lot about life (particularly Invest in force multipliers) and React (particularly Gatsby is inventing a new category of websites and strict-ui), so any of those notes might be interesting places to jump in.


Note that I did not build this system, Andy Matuschak did for his own exceptionally interesting notes. He was kind enough to let me use it.